Personalised Fingerprint Art Print, Boyfriend Valentines Day Gifts

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Personalised Fingerprint Art Print - A touching exquisite Personalised Fingerprint Art Print - a truly unique and sentimental masterpiece crafted to celebrate the bond between you and your partner! This beautiful print is meticulously customised with your and your partner's fingerprints, along with your preferred colors and heartfelt text, making it a cherished keepsake that captures your love story in a single, stunning image.

Key Features:

  1. Customised Fingerprint Design: Our fingerprint art print showcases the distinctive patterns of your and your partner's fingerprints formed into a heart shape, symbolising the one-of-a-kind connection you share. With precise attention to detail, we meticulously replicate your fingerprints onto the artwork, ensuring a flawless representation of your unique identities.

  2. A Kaleidoscope of Colors: Express your creativity and style by handpicking the colors for the fingerprints. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle and elegant tones, we offer an array of colors to suit your personal taste and home decor.

  3. Personalised Quote: At the bottom of the art print, you have the freedom to add a meaningful quote that resonates with your relationship. Whether it's a heartfelt message, a romantic phrase, or a shared inside joke, this personal touch will make the artwork even more special.

  4. Tailored Personalisation: Make the art print truly yours by including personalisation text at the bottom. This can include your names, a significant date, or even the year you established your loving union - adding a sentimental touch that transforms the print into a cherished memory.

Celebrate your love in a truly extraordinary way with our Personalised Fingerprint Art Print. Whether it's a gift for your partner on a special occasion or a timeless addition to your home, this custom-made artwork is an eloquent expression of the love and connection that binds your hearts together. Create a stunning piece of art that beautifully tells your love story - order yours today!


  • An UNFRAMED Personalised Fingerprint Art Print
  • Your choice of colours for the fingerprints (image 3) 
  • Your choice of quote for the bottom of the print
  • Your choice of personalisation text at the bottom (e.g. names/date/est year)
  • Your choice of size from 5x7” to 16x20” or a 300ppi JPEG and PDF file via EMAIL for DIGITAL FILES ONLY (a high res 8x10" size JPEG and PDF of your print). Printed on lovely smooth Archival Smooth Matt Poster Paper 230gsm with genuine long lasting inks or delivered via email (for digital files only) 

1) For visual instructions please check out the second image, otherwise keep reading
2) Using a soft pencil if possible fill in a dark patch on some white paper
3) Rub your finger on the patch until your fingerprint is fully covered and dark
4) You should have a dark layer of graphite on your finger
5) Place your finger on some clear sellotape - ensure the sellotape makes full contact with your finger
6) Stick the piece of sellotape with the fingerprint onto some white paper
7) Repeat with the second fingerprint 
8) Take a photo of the fingerprint and email it to me at or @CraftyCowDesign on Facebook / Instagram

1) Please enter the colour of the first fingerprints in the box (colours are on image 3)
2) Please enter the colour of the second fingerprints in the box (colours are on image 3)

3) Please enter the personalisation text for the bottom of the print e.g. names / date / est. year etc
4) Please enter an alternative quote if you would prefer something different
5) Please choose the print size from the drop down box. If you are choosing 'DIGITAL FILES ONLY' then you will receive 8x10" size 300ppi JPEG and PDF files via EMAIL. If you would like an alternative size please enter this in the personalisation box. 
6) Please email me the fingerprint images to or @CraftyCowDesign on Facebook / Instagram
7) Click the “Add to Cart” button and that's it! 

1) I am pretty quick off my feet and will create a digital proof for you within 1-3 working days. 
2) Once you are happy with the layout I will print and post your print. My larger sized prints – 16x20” and up and my USA bound prints - get printed by a professional giclee printer so may take a little longer to produce. As soon as I have posted your print I let you know :) If you have opted for digital files only I will email you the files. 

**DIGITAL FILES are 8x10" in size by default but if you would like a different size please enter that in the personalisation box.  




***Please Note You are Buying an Unframed Personalised Fingerprint Art Print Only*** 

Please note that due to individual monitor colour & brightness settings, colours may vary slightly in person from what is seen here. Please ask all colour related questions prior to purchase. Thank You