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Life without plastic? Is it possible to live a plastic free life?

Life without plastic? Is it possible to live a plastic free life?

This blog post is a little off topic however as I hear more and more news about plastic pollution I'm getting more and more passionate about using alternatives to plastic products. I have written a guest blog post about living a plastic free life on the Eco Shopper website and you can check it out here  : Plastic Free Living - Practical Ways to Reduce Plastic Use in Your Home

I cover some cool and easy ways of reducing plastic in your home - its certainly worth a try to keep our planet lovely!

Are you trying to reduce your plastic use? Comment with all your great ideas :) 

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5 Great Ordination Gifts!

5 Great Ordination Gifts!

Ordination season seems to be well underway here in the UK and as this is a bit of a tricky celebration to buy for I though I would give you guys 5 great ordination gift ideas!


1. Beautiful Floral Clergy Stole

Wow What can I say about this - it is just beautiful!

Stained Glass Cross



2. Stunning Stained Glass Cross

This is just stunning - a handmade stained glass cross - so beautiful with the sun against it!

Stained Glass Cross



3. Pretty Personalised ordination Print

This print is gender neutral and personalised to your needs - it makes an ideal  ordination keepsake present!

Personalised Ordination Print - Perfect Ordination Gift Idea


4. Gorgeous Personalised Bible Case

This bible case is just stunning and beautifully personalised for the special day! 

Ordination Bible Case


5. Ordination Mug

What a fun idea - and I'm sure it will bring a smile to their face!

Ordination Mug



*FYI my site uses affiliate links!

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gold foil printing at home, diy gold foil printing, how to make a gold foil print, how to print with gold foil, how to print gold foil on paper

DIY Gold Foil Printing At Home - How to Make a Gold Foil Print - Gold Foil Printing 101

How to create beautiful, flawless, mirror-like gold foil prints. Tips, tricks and a how to tutorial!
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