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About Me

I’m an artist and mum living in Poole in Dorset in a beautiful part of the UK.

Prior to having kids I was an Oracle software developer in London – a role I loved and still miss today! But as a mum I need a lot more flexibility with work so I can deal with the day to day shenanigans that having kids involves so here I am.

I have loved craft and making things since I was little during the Blue Peter days in the 80’s – I still remember making wooly pom poms using some cardboard cut outs after watching one episode.

I’ve been painting for around 25 years now – since my art A-Level. I find it very therapeutic and love losing myself in it and expressing myself. I feel especially inspired by the beach, sunsets by the sea, ocean, waves and surfing as I see a lot of it in the harbour near where I live. I love surf art – so much so that I am having some water sports sessions to get the full experience and maybe even gain a new hobby – who knows!

I am inspired by many painters – the famous as well as the less so. My favourite artists include Picasso, Kandinsky, Monet (of course!) and I also love the fauvist movement of the last century and ‘Pop art’ too. For me visiting the Saatchi gallery a few years ago was a real highlight and eye opener – it was just amazing what some very talented people can produce. So lots of inspiration from lots of areas!

I hope you like my work, as I grow this site I’m hoping to offer more pieces and prints up for sale so watch this space …