Baby Footprint Wall Art, Personalised Mothers Day Gifts from Baby

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Baby Footprint Wall Art Print - a charming Personalised Baby Footprint Print, a precious keepsake that captures the joyous moments of your little one's early years. With its heartwarming design featuring your choice of the heading 'Mummy' or 'Mommy' and a personalized text at the bottom, this print is the perfect way to celebrate the bond between parent and child. 

At the center of this captivating artwork, you'll find two adorable footprints—the imprint of your baby's tiny feet immortalized in stunning detail. Each delicate line and curve is meticulously preserved, allowing you to cherish this fleeting stage forever.


  • An UNFRAMED Mothers Day Gifts from Baby Footprint Wall Art Print
  • Your choice for the footprints - I can leave your print blank so you can create the footprints at home with a non toxic inkpad/paint, I can use the stock footprints in the displayed pictures or you can email me your little ones footprints and I can use those. 
  • Your choice of colours for the footprint images if you are choosing for me to print the footprints (see image 2 for choices)
  • Your choice of text/quote and text at the bottom
  • Your choice of size from 5x7” to 16x20” or a 300ppi JPEG and PDF file via EMAIL for DIGITAL FILES ONLY (a high res 8x10" size JPEG and PDF of your print).
  • Printed on lovely smooth Archival Smooth Matt Poster Paper 230gsm with genuine long lasting inks or delivered via email (for digital files only) 

1) Please choose whether you would like to email me your baby's footprints, if you would like your print to be blank so you can make the footprints yourself at home with a non toxic inkpad/paint or whether you would like me to use the stock images in the example photos.
2) Please enter the text for the bottom of the print in the Personalisation box
3) Please choose the colour of the footprints you would like on your print if you would like me to print the footprints (see colour chart in image 2) and enter the number in the box provided. 
4) Please enter the heading you would like at the top of your print e.g. 'Mummy'
5) Please choose the print size from the drop down box. If you are choosing 'DIGITAL FILES ONLY' then you will receive 8x10" size 300ppi JPEG and PDF files via EMAIL. If you would like an alternative size please enter this in the personalisation box. 
6) Please choose the quantity you would like
7) If you have chosen to supply the footprint images then please mail me the footprint images to Feel free to send a few and I can pick the best ones. 
8) Click the “Add to Cart” button and that's it! 

1) I am pretty quick off my feet and will create a digital proof for you within 1-3 working days. 
2) Once you are happy with the layout I will print and post your print. My larger sized prints – 16x20” and up and my USA bound prints - get printed by a professional giclee printer so may take a little longer to produce. As soon as I have posted your print I let you know :) If you have opted for digital files only I will email you the files. 

**DIGITAL FILES are 8x10" in size by default but if you would like a different size please enter that in the personalisation box. 

- Footprints and handprints can be created using an inkless wipe handprint/footprint set (these are available for sale on etsy or at other online stores). In the near future I also hope to be able to sell these so please check with me if you are not sure.
- Alternatively you can gently paint your child’s/baby’s foot with non toxic paint/stamping ink and stamp it onto a clean piece of paper (please use paint sparingly).
- Please photograph or scan the dry handprints/footprints and email a clear image with no shadows to; Please feel free to send a few different photos and I will pick the best one! 😊





To add a touch of elegance, our Personalised Baby Footprint Print is encircled by a simple green leaf wreath, symbolizing growth, nature, and the everlasting love between parent and child. The wreath serves as a beautiful frame, drawing attention to the priceless footprints that lie within.

Customization is the cornerstone of this exceptional print. Choose from a wide range of colors, allowing you to match the print to your nursery decor or simply select your favorite hues. Whether you prefer soft pastels or vibrant tones, we have options to suit every style and preference.

But the personalization doesn't end there. The bottom of the print is dedicated to capturing the unique details of your baby's arrival. From their name and birth date to a heartfelt message, this space is an opportunity to make the print truly one-of-a-kind and a cherished reminder of your baby's earliest days.

Crafted with the utmost care, our Personalised Baby Footprint Print is printed on high-quality, archival-grade paper, ensuring its longevity and preserving the vibrant colors for years to come. Whether displayed proudly on a nursery wall or gifted to a loved one, this print is guaranteed to evoke a warm smile and create lasting memories.

Celebrate the miracle of life and the unconditional love between a parent and child with our Personalised Baby Footprint Print. It's a heartfelt tribute to the joy, tenderness, and precious moments that fill your journey of parenthood.

***Please Note You are Buying an Unframed Baby Footprint Wall Art  Print Only*** 

Please note that due to individual monitor color & brightness settings, colors may vary slightly in person from what is seen here. Please ask all color related questions prior to purchase. Thank You