QR Code Stickers And Prints For Use With Personalised Soundwave Print And Baby Heartbeat Picture - Bring Your Soundwave To Life!

QR Code stickers and prints for use with Personalised Soundwave Print and Baby Heartbeat Picture - bring your soundwave to life!

Crafty Cow Design

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Do you love your soundwave print but wish that you could play it? Then this listing is just for you! Once I create your soundwave for you I will also create a unique QR code (first image) just for you. I will then create 4 stickers (which you can stick on the back of the print or frame) and 2 5x7" prints of your QR code. You can then use a QR Code reader app to scan and play (I use QR Reader on my iphone but there are plenty of others to choose from). **The device you are scanning with will need to have software on it that will enable you to play the original recording you sent to me.  

This listing can be purchased alongside or after the purchase of a soundwave.

***Please note that this item can only be purchased if you have made the recording yourself - it is not available for commercial recordings such as songs as this would infringe copyright law so I am not able to store these on my server. 

By purchasing this listing you are agreeing for me to store your original recording safely on my website so that you are able to play it on demand.

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